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Disposable Razors
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Shave It Baby - Because You Need To Be As Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

So admit it - we all watch Queer Eye For The Straight Guy - particularly you newbies getting your first taste of hot man on man action! If you want to get the hot cock you deserve you got make sure you look good!
At drag we have gotten a lot of questions lately about a little discussed but very important part of being the hottest ass around - razors! Ever notice how the queer guys always throw out the breeder's disposable razor?
Ever wonder why?
The short answer is that disposable razors are disposable for a reason - they suck. They might be fine to shave the legs of some teenage tuna - but they are not something that a real man's man would ever let touch his skin!

Keep It Smooth
First off unless you are George Michael - and most of us aren't - you don't look kissable or fuckable with a five o-clock shadow. Who the fuck wants to get skin burn just from making out with you? And face it - a smooth face just looks hotter!
Yet cheap disposable razors don't get the job done. You either end up cutting yourself - and bloody scars are not sexy - or else they don't give you a close shave. That means that in a few hours you are going to look like shit all over again! You are not a cave man!
Good razors however - like the Mach 3 - give you a hot and horny all day shave! You are smooth kissable and have cheeks that a man will be proud to rub his cock all over!

Get An Extra Two Inches - Quickly And Easily!
There are a lot of ads out there on the Internet for devices, pills and creams that are supposed to make your dick bigger. None of them work. They are just snake oil for men with low self esteem.
But, there is a way to make your cock look about two inches larger - and no matter what your natural size that is not a bad thing!
If you save your pubes off your dick immediately looks larger! The eye assumes that your cock starts where it can see it - at the end of your forest. If you chop down the forest people will get a better look at your tree!
Therefore shaving your pubes is a great way to make the right impress. On the other hand think about how a cheap disposable razor cuts up your face. Now consider that happening around your cock. Now imagine razor burn.
Get the picture?
Stop Klingons!
A lot of us like to be fucked hard. Anal sex is one of the great pleasures of being a dirty piggy! But before we get fucked we want to feel our man's lips give us a hot rim job.
Have you noticed that guys seem to not be rimming you as much as you'd like. Perhaps you have klingons. A klingon is a piece of shit that has gotten stuck in your hairy ass.
Anybody who has a hairy butt has some klingons. You simply can't wipe enough. As Forest Gump says, shit happens. What's a boy to do? Shave your stinky ass and klingons are gone for good!
Again though, think how sensitive your ass is. Do you want to have cuts and burns and not be able to sit down? Fuck that noise. When it's time to shave your butt you need a great razor that is not going to be a pain in the ass.
That's why you need a good high quality razor - don't get boned without it!



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