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Sex party

Man Sex Party Guide: By Michael

1. Want To Have A MaleNation Party But Not Sure How To Make It A Positive Experience?
2. Don't Bug Out! At We Have Been There And Fucked That!
3. We Know All Tricks To Help You Get Dirty Kicks!
4. Kick Back, Follow Our Advice And Get Ready To Get Fucked!
5. You Know You Want It Bitch!

Who Do You Want To Fuck?
This is the first step towards planning your MaleNation party! The whole goal is not just to get hard dick in your hands. You want the right dick that deserves your manly licks! Face, we are men which means we want to get fucked on time all the time! But, we do have some standards. Just because you like cock, doesn't mean you want to plow every jock. Some of us like twinks, some like bares and some just like to make a big dick cum!
If you just send out a general invitation you might end up surrounded by the studs of your dreams. Or you may end up surrounded by guys so not your taste that you would rather be sipping tea with some pussy. You don't want to put days of time, money and effort into a party that leaves you surrounded by 200 guys that you wouldn't fuck if they had the last cocks on earth!
You also don't want to end up surrounded by a bunch of nervous Nelly virgin MaleNationers with no experienced hunks for miles. Granted, it can be fun to break in one or two cherrybackers, but you want some seriously experienced cock as well.

What's a stud to do?
Decide exactly what you want. Make it very clear in your invitation what you want. You can specify anything. This not only helps you - it is a service to the studs that will show up. If a guy is into banging hairy bares and he shows up to a room filled with 18 year old shaved twinks he is not going to be a happy little piggy, is he?
You can say anything in your ad. Are you into uncut crank? Specify that in your invitation. Also try to send your invitation to several different types of venues. That can help assure a good mix!
Try to make sure that your party does not compete with any other large event in town. Whether you are throwing a MaleNationing orgy or a serious poz party, you want as many bare dicks as will fit in your space. Do you really want your guest list to have to choose between your party and 10,000 other events held during a Pride weekend?
There are lots of weekends where guys have no guaranteed lays and if given the choice between cruising the local meat market and showing up for a guaranteed bare fuck will choose your party!

What Will Fit Inside?
No, this is not a choice between 9 or 10 inches in your tight little ass. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter. In a few minutes you can get back on your knees to sleaze!
Your party has to be held somewhere. That somewhere will only hold so many dirty motherfuckers. If too many people show up it is going to cramp your style and make it hard for everyone to find a place to breed. On the other hand, if your place is huge and only 10 people show up you are going to feel like a total pussy. Your total number is going to be lower than a normal occupancy rate. Those rates assume that people are standing up. If your men are even a little bit fabulous most are going to be laying down on the floor or sofas getting plowed.
Determine how many horny couples can fit and then invite about 10 to 20 percent more than that to take into account the wimps, wusses and pussies who will chicken out at the last minute.

Get Out The Dirty Word!
Look, you dirty motherfucker. No one will come to your party unless they know about it. You have got to tell all the perves you want to show up in advance. Pretend its foreplay. After all, do you really want to end up fucking some guys who are so hard up that they have no other options to get fucked than your party and can show up on an hours notice? That is a sure way to get rank skank!

1. Start sending out your dirty little ads at least two weeks in advance. A month is even better. This way you will also get responses sooner and have a better idea how many hunks are going to be ready to play. Better still, you can jerk off thinking about some of the man meat you know will be there!
2. Don't try to advertise at your local car bars or meat clubs. These people are packed with AIDS hysterics who may intimidate men from coming to your MaleNation party and give you a load of shit. There is no bigger downer than a moralistic queen on a crusade. You never know what the little bitch will do!
3. The Internet is the best place to find jizz addicts. Plus, you can specify exactly what you want. Just into POZ men - state that and you will only get hunks with a Pozitive attitude. Don't want drugs but do want guys who will piss in your mouth. If you write it they will come - and you will cum!
4. The best thing about Internet advertising is that you can use a Yahoo or Hotmail email dump and easily delete the flames from anti-MaleNation flamers. Or send those vanilla wimps a bulk message saying if they don't ask about the party, you won't tell!

The Money Honey!
1. You are about to work hard to make the bois hard! You deserve a little money! Lube, booze and rooms don't grow on trees. Plus, men, straight or gay have been paying for sex since the days of Da Nile!
2. To keep street legal, however, you can't set it up so that they are paying for the sex itself. That is pimping, honey and unless you are into funny hats best left to the professionals. That said, there is nothing against the law in charging a donation in exchange for drinks and party supplies.
3. Try not to be greedy. You are going to get some dick out of it anyway and you don't want to price yourself out of the market. You can easily get away with charging $10. A stud will waste more money than that on drinks at a bar trying to get laid anyway. Charging more than $40 or $50 is going to mean that you end up with a lot of old men with money to burn who have been striking out at the local dives. That is no fun and may leave you with not a lot of studs waiting to come!

Recycling - Not Just For Soccer Moms!
Want to know an easy way to pull in some extra cash?? If you live in an area with deposit cans and bottles, you can just set up separate bags for studs to drop their cans and then drop the LOAD at the local recycling center. If you have a big party with tons of hot and horny men you will be shocked at how much than can drink and how much extra cash you can make!

A Fantastic Fuck Pad!

You want to get laid. So do your guests. Getting enough dicks together in one place is Job 1. That said you need to have the best place possible for your little piggies to breed and shoot their seed. Everyone wants to leave well fucked and happy. While they want to get dirty, they probably don't want to do it in some place that is dirty. Here is a guide to setting up a fuck station that would make Martha Stewart as proud as your activist boyfriend!
1. Hide your shit. Anything worth money that can disappear. Just because a guy has a hard dick doesn't mean he doesn't have light fingers.
2. Clean your pad and your bathroom. Dirty shit is going to be going on there. Get rid of your dirty shit first.
3. Have plenty of lube on hand. Most studs don't want a dry fuck. No lube may actually push some fuckers into bringing out condoms just so they can slide in easier!
4. Get rid of any furniture that could break easily or be ruined by cum stains. There is going to be a lot of wet motion in your ocean.
5. Drop cloths work just as at protecting your shit from spunk as they do from keeping your carpets clean when you are painting. After all you are going to paint some bois ass white, aren't you?
6. Plastic cups don't break and you don't have to wash them. Invest in dozens.
7. Some dudes are going to bring beer. They will want their sex hot and their booze cold. Make sure there is room in your fridge.
8. Paper towels and Kleenex get used by the ton. Have bunches on hand for any type of spill or clean up.

The Mood For Mating
You want to play club music. That is what brings out the young studs everyone wants to fuck. Don't play Barbara Streisand or Judy Garland unless your thing is 60 year old bald queens. If that is your thing, you might want to reconsider the bug party idea. Most of the studs you want won't be up for it.
This is no time for Bright Lights Big City. You want to have soft lighting or candles. Soft lights hide a lot of flaws and make every guy look just a little bit hotter. Be careful if you decide to use candles and a lot of people are planning to get wasted. You want to start a fire in their asses, not in your apartment. Red lights can be cool and add a fun naughty devil setting to your fuck fest.

Timing is everything!
MaleNation and Poz parties are all about momentum. Yes, everyone is there to get fucked, but you have to have enough people there and some studs have to get the party started! Tell your hunks that they have to come during a certain window of time or they will not cum at all!
The reason for this is that if a bunch of cute guys show up early and see no one there, there will be no momentum and people will start to feel down and their dicks won't get felt up!

Clothes Do Not Make The Man
You are hosting an orgy not a cocktail party. To avoid awkward moments when studs don't know when to get undressed, make everyone get naked the second they walk in the door. This gives everyone a chance to check out each other's merchandise and start acting like the pigs they are.
If they don't want to get naked right away, maybe you don't want them at your party. They can always go home and have dinner with mommy!

Booze Puts Out The Snooze
Making the first fuck happen can be like trying to get the first couple out on the dance floor. Everyone wants to do it - no one wants to look weird and alone doing it. Hand people booze when they walk in the door. It will relax inhibitions and get your party started right!

Two simple rules about videos at parties:
1. Having Porn Tapes Running Is a Great Idea
2. Taping Your Guests In Action Is a Bad Idea
However, if taping is something you want, inform all before the event. Prepare for good lighting and plenty of tape and extra recharged batteries.
Face it; you may be violating some laws. Beyond that your guests may have straight jobs and not want to get hassled or have evidence of their piggy play kicking around. Don't tape anyone unless you advertise it up front or you will put a weird vibe out and not get the best people at your party.

Drugs Drugs are bad. Look, there are homophobe cops and AIDS Hysterical Fags out there who will do anything they can to hassle somebody throwing a MaleNation party. While it might be hard for them to bust you for having a sex party, they can arrest your ass for having a shitload of drugs kicking around your apartment.
If your guests have to get fucked up to fuck they can get high before they cum to your abode. If not, perhaps they don't want to get laid that badly after all.
I know, I know. E and K and all the other letters. There is a time and place for everything and even though it may enhance some sexual experiences, do you want that in your apartment after advertising publicly? If so, good luck.

Tips And Tricks For Pricks The 60s are dead. This is not a party for studs looking for long term love. This is a fucking orgy you dirty bastards. People fuck in public or they don't fuck at all. They are not going to use your bedroom to make love. They are going to use your floor to get fucked!
1. No Condoms. No AIDS Hysterics. No Bullshit.
2. Tell the truth if asked about your HIV status.
3. If you act like an asshole, you will get thrown out and get no dick in your asshole!
4. This is not for voyeurs. If you show up, you get fucked. No standing around jerking off and watching.
5. You don't get to keep one fuck buddy all night. Once you drop your load let him move on to a new stud.
6. If you show up with your boyfriend don't act like a jealous asshole when he blows someone else. Get over your damn self. This is not a romantic evening.
No means no. If a guy says don't fuck me, piss on me, slap me or hold me down - don't. Someone will want what you want.

Bad Shit Assholes come in all shapes and sizes. Some may actually show up at your party. If they do throw their bitchy little ass out as quickly as possible. This scenario is a good argument (as if you needed one) to have a few strong gym bunnies at the party who can easily toss drunk shitheads out on their ass.

The To Do List Want to minimize your chance at a bad time and maximize your chance at getting just the dick you want? Spell it out on your invitation. MaleNationing does not automatically give studs psychic powers! If they aren't told what they can or can not do, they won't know! When someone responds to your ad, send them a list of what is acceptable or not.

Sample Invitation:

Hey studs! Thanks for responding. Here's the full load on the next MaleNation party!

Undressed To Get Laid!

If You Want To Cum Read These Rules Carefully Or You Will Get Thrown Out On Your Ass! The full load:

TIME: Get ready to get it on between 10 and 10:30pm. After that the curtain is up and you may not be able to get it on!

BYOB: I provide lube, hot men and a place where you can breed and spread seed. You provide your own booze. If you want to get drunk with a hunk show up with a bottle or two.

CLOTHING: Get naked or get out. This is not a tea party. If you have a leather or gay fetish you can keep just enough gear on to turn you on while keeping your parts ready to be used.

HYGEINE: If you are a bottom - douche before you get here. I want dirty shit in my house, but I don't want shit on my rugs.


"What if I don't want guys to cum in my ass?" This should be a no brainer. It's the old hankie rule. Wear a hankie if you are willing to take a hot load. If not, don't. You could also tell the stud, unless you are mute.

"What if I'm Negative and want a poz guy?"Everyone is expected to be honest about their status and what they want. If you don't want a poz load, tell him that. If you are poz be honest with dudes who ask you.

"Lube? "Lots will be provided. If you like a specific type, bring it with you, stud.

"Can I bring a friend?"Is he gay, hot and into MaleNationing? Then yes. Is he straight, an AIDS Hysteric or Ugly? Then, no.

"Can I bring my camera?"I do not recommend it as many people don't want what they do with their pricks in private to become public.
Just Fuck Off And Go Clubbing If You Are Thinking About Asking These Questions:

"What if I just want to watch?"

"How many are going to be there?"

"Can I see the guest list?"

"Can I use condoms even if nobody else is?"

This is a group sex MaleNation orgy. If you don't know what that is or are not into it, don't show up and fuck up the night for everyone else.


WHERE IS IT?:The address info is as follows:


To get here:(DIRECTIONS)

By e-mail only. And by Friday the (DATE) , please.

Can't way for you to come inside my crib!
See you on the(DATE)!...






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