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Glory, glory hallelujah, if you know what I mean. Adult bookstores and glory holes offer some of the hottest anonymous sex out there. No cash for a kinky escort? No patience with the bar scene? Just find a bookstore with a little hole about waist high and you get your rocks off in style! Of course, like any community there is a certain etiquette to glory hole action. In this section we are happy to answer all of the most asked questions about glory holes, bookstores and what to do to get raw faceless dick!

What is a glory hole?
What do you do in them?
What's the protocol to see who does what?
If you want to be the person who helps the other person cum:
If you want to be the person who cums:
If you want to take turns:
If you want to have anal sex:
If you want to have sex with someone in an adjoining bathroom stall:
Is this safe?
So some talking DOES go on between booths?
So two or more people CAN share a booth?
Will the person on the other side reciprocate after I help him cum?
What about the videos?
What about money?
What should I bring?
What type of people go to these places?
What if I see somebody I know in one of these places?
OK, how do I find glory holes?
This all seems so cold and clinical?! How can this be any fun?

What is a glory hole? (To The Top)

  • A glory hole is generally defined as a small fist-sized hole between private video booths in an adult bookstore. It is placed about hip high for the average guy and is just large enough to place a man's penis through to let the person on the other side perform whatever sexual activity he pleases on it.

    There are several variations on this theme - you will recognize them when you see them.

  • Small holes between toilet stalls on the Interstate highway or in a shopping mall. Toilet areas friendly to this type of activity are often called Tea rooms.

  • Buddy booths are video booths where a glass partition with dual curtains separates the two booths. There is a button on both sides that first raises and then lowers one (but not the other) curtain. When both buttons are pressed by both people, both curtains rise and you can see each other. Buddy booths were designed to allow people to see but not necessarily touch each other. Some businesses have modified the booths so that the glass doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the curtain. This allows you to see and feel each other at the same time with the safety of a wall between you.

  • What is a private video booth in an adult bookstore? Most (not all) adult bookstores have an area where you can put a token, a dollar bill or a quarter into a slot and have an X-rated video play for about 60 seconds on a TV screen in front of you. These booths are small enough (for example, 3' x 6') for one person to sit down and lock the door behind them. In some areas, these booths no longer have doors on them. Most places frown on having more than one person in a booth. Some however actually encourage it by advertising "couples booths".

  • OK, what's a "couples booth"? A couples booth is a booth that is much larger than a normal booth. It may have a larger than normal seat or a bench. More importantly, it is a booth that the establishment will tolerate more than one person being in.

  • But this adult bookstore only has straight videos, could they also have glory holes or couples booths? Absolutely! In fact, for bisexual or married guys, this is a great deal! They can go into a place that they can have sex with another guy and not worry about someone see them go in and "blow their cover".

  • Is there an equivalent place for women? Not that I know of!

What do you do in them?  (To The Top)

  • Basically you get to cum or help someone else cum. Maybe both. Maybe just watch. A few people go there just to let someone else watch them cum. See the next section.

What's the protocol to see who does what? (To The Top)

  • I've seen little talking in adult theaters. It does happen but mostly stuff happens by sight and by a standard protocol.

If you want to be the person who helps the other person cum: (To The Top)

  • Go into a booth; close and lock the door, if possible.

  • Drop some money in the video machine.

  • Sit down if the establishment provides a place to sit.

  • Expose your genitalia (usually by dropping your pants) and get hard.

  • Wait for someone to come into the booth next to you or check the person out in the next booth by looking through the glory hole. Don't be shy about this, almost everybody who is there is looking to be checked out by the person in the next booth.

  • If you like what you see, stick your finger through the glory hole far enough so that the other person sees it. Withdraw it to show him you are ready to receive him. If you want him to use a condom, place it in the hole between you now.

  • If the other person wants you to play with him, he will stand up and place his penis through the hole. If he doesn't, he won't. If he will use the condom you placed in the hole, he will take it now. Sometimes he will just want you to watch him play with himself.

If you want to be the person who cums: (To The Top)

  • Go into a booth; close and lock the door, if possible.

  • Drop some money in the video machine.

  • Sit if you wish but standing up is the generally accepted indicator that you are not willing to play with anyone else.

  • Expose your genitalia (usually by dropping your pants) and get hard. You will find it more difficult to get someone to play with you if you don't have at least a half-mast hard-on.

  • Wait for someone to stick their finger through the glory hole.

  • Put a rubber on now if you want. Place your penis through the hole. Some guys will just play with you; others will suck you; a few will want you to penetrate them anally.

If you want to be the person who cums: (To The Top)

  • Go into a booth; close and lock the door, if possible.

  • Drop some money in the video machine.

  • Sit if you wish but standing up is the generally accepted indicator that you are not willing to play with anyone else.

  • Expose your genitalia (usually by dropping your pants) and get hard. You will find it more difficult to get someone to play with you if you don't have at least a half-mast hard-on.

  • Wait for someone to stick their finger through the glory hole.

  • Put a rubber on now if you want. Place your penis through the hole. Some guys will just play with you; others will suck you; a few will want you to penetrate them anally.

If you want to take turns: (To The Top)

  • If you stop playing with someone before they cum, and stand up with yourself exposed and hard, that is a general signal that you would like to take turns. That is, it's now time for him to withdraw his penis and allow you to place your penis through the glory hole so he can play with you. Your best opportunity to make this happen is to find someone who is sitting down (looking to play with someone) and is willing to play with you (responds when you stick your finger through the glory hole). This will result in one of two things happening - the other person will either oblige or refuse. The typical refusal is shown by the person sticking his penis back through the glory hole or by leaving and looking for someone else to play with. On occasion, the person being played with will want to help you cum. He will signal this by withdrawing his penis from the glory hole before he cums and putting his finger through the hole. If you want to be played with, place your penis through the hole. If you aren't ready to be played with, stick your finger back through the hole after he does. Negotiate from there. There have been many occasions that I have refused to take turns and just wanted to make the guy cum. For example, if I want to go through a few guys that evening before I cum, I won't let the first guy play with me and risk cumming too early. I think some guys take it as a rejection and it is not meant that way.

If you want to have anal sex: (To The Top)

  • Follow the same procedure as above, except place your anus as close to the glory hole as possible. When the person on the other side sees this, he will attempt to penetrate you through the glory hole. You should shortly begin to feel him pressing his penis or finger up against your anus (or nearby). Guide his penis or finger to where you want it to be. Please note: usually if the other person is not at least 6+ inches long, this is a pretty difficult position and penetration may be impossible. You may have to settle for his finger.

If you want to have sex with someone in an adjoining bathroom stall: (To The Top)

  • A favorite of truckers - the bathroom stall is the only major anonymous sex stop on or near interstate highways. The protocol is very simple. If you want to play with someone, go to a stall at the farthest end of the bathroom. Close the door, pull your pants down and wait. When someone comes into the next stall, move your foot so that you know the other person can see it and slowly start tapping it. If the other person wants to be played with, they will kneel down and place their penis under the stall wall.

Is this safe? (To The Top)

  • Safe takes three definitions: physical, legal, health

Physical (To The Top)

  • I've never heard of anyone getting hurt by someone in the next booth through a glory hole. The only time I ever heard of anything bad happening in an adult bookstore is when it gets busted for letting things get too out of hand or someone insists that they can hang around waiting for just the right guy without spending any money. See section 9.0 Most things I have heard are urban legends - the old "friend of a friend of a friend" who had his penis cut off by a gay basher. I'll believe it when I see it in print. By the way, I keep emphasizing that you should lock the door behind you when you enter the video booth. I say that because there are guys that wait until they think you are exposed and doing something then fling your door open.

Legal (To The Top)

  • I'm sure this activity is illegal in some cities or states. You take your chances and you get your thrills. As a safety point with little legal knowledge, I always make sure that the other person has his penis exposed before I put my penis through the glory hole. Not just hard through his pants. Not just rubbing his crotch. Actually out. Not sure what that does for me legally; I'm just sure a judge would have a hard time hearing that from a police officer on the witness stand. In general, be discrete and don't be stupid and you shouldn't have any problems.

Health (To The Top)

  • Bring lubricated if you wish to perform anal sex, unlubricated for oral sex. And don't be surprised if you are rejected by some people for insisting on them. Please note that it is rude to cum in someone's mouth or other bodily part without expressly asking them if it's OK.

  • Some people don't want cum in their mouths and it gets really awkward when a guy starts to cum and you don't want it in you. I actually saw a guy through a glory hole get a stream of cum on the front of his shirt when he pulled away from a blow job that went too far.

  • If you think STDs can not be transmitted orally, you are flat out wrong. Ask a doctor. If you are too embarrassed to ask your doctor, call the National STD hotline at 1-800-227-8922 in the United States.

So some talking DOES go on between booths? (To The Top)

Sure. I've heard the following:

  • "Do you wanna get out of here?"
  • "Do you wanna go to my place?"
  • "Do you wanna get a room?"
  • "I wanna suck you."
  • "Don't cum in my mouth."
  • "Is your place free?"
  • "Show me your ass."
    And so on.
    Occasionally, a guy will ask if he can join you in your booth. (See next question)

So two or more people CAN share a booth? (To The Top)

Most places frown on this but I have seen it happen. A few places actually encourage it. The way to let someone into your booth is:

  • Make eye contact on the outside area (before you go into a booth).
  • Move to a spot in the booth area where few or no people are.

  • Go into a booth and leave the booth door unlocked.

  • Wait to see if he follows you in.

The reverse procedure is followed if he goes into a booth first.

Again, don't be shy. If he made eye contact with you before going into a booth and it looks safe, check the lock on the door. If he left it open, he wanted you to come in. If he locked it, you were mistaken and should just move on to the next guy.

You can also negotiate this by talking through the glory hole.
Four points about this:

  • The only time I ever came close to getting upset and physical with someone is when I was in the booth together with him. He decided my nipples needing biting. The wall between booths does provide a nice safety barrier.

  • If the establishment doesn't like this and you are caught, you will be bounced out of the store faster than you can possibly imagine. From their viewpoint, two guys in one booth make less money than two guys in two booths.

  • Keep a fast hand on your door. If someone beats your intended sex interest to the door, just reach out and close the door after he opens it. It helps to keep your pants up until you're both settled in the booth.

  • Be prepared for the occasional guy who justs wants to jerk off together. He will not want you to touch him. This happens a lot with married guys who want to come close to having sex but do not want to officially cheat on their wives.

What's the maximum number of people I have ever seen share a booth?  Three.

What's the weirdest thing I ever saw in a next door booth?
Some guy urinating on the floor. I don't know why.

Have I ever left an adult bookstore and gone to a car or to someone's home to finish the act? Never - just too dangerous in my opinion. Action in cars is illegal in most spots (remember that famous star who was caught with a hooker in Hollywood recently?)

Will the person on the other side reciprocate after I help him cum? (To The Top)

Sometimes. In general, the guy on the other side will usually pull up his pants and leave the booth and bookstore after he cums. He has finished what he came there for. Usually, the person who gets into the booth with you will help you cum as well. There are numerous exceptions to these rules. If a guy doesn't make a move to help you cum while you are helping him or if a guy doesn't insist on taking turns while in your booth, he will probably bolt soon after he cums. I have had guys ask me if I got off while I was sucking them. If not, they reciprocated. It varies.

What about the videos? (To The Top)

Most stores have a variety of videos for you to watch. It is not uncommon to be playing with someone in your booth and have them reach over to change the channel. The mission is to get off and there is usually very little sensitivity involved. Don't feel insulted - he's looking for something to help him cum a little faster.

What about money? (To The Top)

Some adult bookstores have no cover charge. Some charge a small amount ($1-$5). Some insist that you buy a minimum of non-refundable tokens.

Almost universally, no matter where I have been, patrons of these stores are not allowed to:

  • Be in a booth and not have the video running (that is, not spending money)
  • Be outside a booth loitering near the booth area (that is, not spending money)

See a pattern? Spend money and you will generally be left alone.
Also, if you get into a booth together, it is generally accepted that both people put money into the slots.

What should I bring? (To The Top)

Money is the only necessities. Lubrication if you think you might need it. Tissues to tidy up afterwards. It is discourteous to cum on the middle of the booth floor and leave without cleaning up. If you have to let cum fly, please do it into a wastebasket (most places provide these in the booth) or in a corner at the very least. And don't cum on the chair or seat!

What type of people go to these places? (To The Top)

All types - good-looking, ugly, fat, thin, clean, smelly, young, old, bald, hairy, effeminate, muscular, leather, jocks, and the list just goes on. Mostly single guys, but I have seen married guys in these places as well. In fact, married guys are usually a little better about using a condom than the single guys. Being married myself, I usually seek them out.

A question often comes up about overly aggressive guys in bookstores. These questions normally revolve around this scenario:

  • A guy that you are not interested in has started pursuing you - following you from booth to booth and whispering to you, begging you to do something to him or vice versa.

How do you discourage him?  If ignoring him (no eye contact at all) doesn't work, my advice is either

a) leave and come back at a later time or

b) find a video booth with no holes and just spend a few dollars in there - hoping he will find a new love interest. There really is not a lot you can do if someone decides to be an asshole.

Unusual people seen in adult video booths?

  • Transvestites looking for sex.

  • Hustlers looking for money (the going rate to suck a guy with a huge penis appears to be about $10 in NYC as of June 1995).

  • Straight couples looking to see a few seconds of a gay video without renting one.

What if I see somebody I know in one of these places? (To The Top)

It's happened to me three times...twice they were soliciting me to let them play with me before they knew it was me on the other side. In short, anyone you see in an adult bookstore near the video booth area has as much "explaining" to do as you do. Walk up to them, call them a pervert and see how they respond. If they are ignoring you, ignore them. They want to make believe they don't know you. By the way, the third person I knew ignored me and then went in the booth next to me and played with me! We've never talked about it since.

OK, how do I find glory holes? (To The Top)

  • Look in the largest nearby city for places that exclusively rent X-rated videos. Also look for places offering video booths, couples booths or "buddy" booths in newspapers in that city.

  • I have been asked to provide a list of places that have them.

  • My experience has been that the list is out of date before it is published. I have a hard time keeping up with the "in" spots in my area and we only have seven.

This all seems so cold and clinical?! (To The Top)

True...very true. But then again, taken in the proper light, it's a lot of fun.
Almost every guy in an adult video booth has one goal - it is to cum (which, by the way, is a lot of fun). Each person has his own standards and what does and doesn't matter on the other side of the booth. It is sex at its most basic and raw form. It is sex with someone you don't know or love. You will rarely know their name - yet I have had people tell me that a particular episode in an adult video booth has had a fond lasting memory for years.
So is there a big difference between what is generally accepted to go on every night in bars across the world and this? I say, no.

How many adults can say they haven't once slept with someone on the first or second date? What is the difference between that and this? Dinner and a movie? 45 minutes of inane chatter? An hour of groping to see how far you can get?

Most adults will admit to at least one instance in their lives when they have met someone and shortly after meeting them (within a few hours at most), they had their tongue halfway down the other person's throat and was in bed with them shortly after that.





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