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Erotic Shaving
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The Cutting Edge: Erotic Shaving
By: Michael

Hi boys! Shaving your cock, ass and balls is one of the hottest scenes going. It is particularly popular with bottom boys. It has tons of appeal and get make your top harder than you have ever seen him before. Remember, your bare does not want to see any hair!

The reasons for shaving are mostly psychological. Top men in general like youth. While they can't actually fuck a young boy, you can give him the same thrill with bare pubes. Plus, if you are under - endowed, shaving can make your dick look a bit longer. And face it twink, size fucking does matter!

Shaving your ass is often a matter of good grooming. You don't want any cling - ons sitting on your ass when your stud goes to toss your salad or fuck the living shit out of you (so to speak).

Some stud puppies like to shave themselves. Others like to be forced to shave by a dominant top. There are even trusting souls out there who let their master shave them.

No matter what your reasons, you should be very careful whenever you get sharp objects around your nuts or ass. You don't want to end up without your crown jewels or having to literally shit through open wounds. That would be real pain in the ass!

The First Cut Is The Deepest: Virgin Shavers

Have you ever noticed that your fag hags bitch about shaving their legs? There is a reason. Anything that is not on your face or not shaved often will hurt like a motherfucker the first time you hit the cutting edge. Get over it. Everything hurts the first time. That's why it sucks to be a virgin. But, you got used to hot dick in your ass, you can get over a little pain if it makes your stud happy, can't you boy?

Wimps and wusses try to get away without the burn by just trimming themselves. Silky cheeks make for milky meats!

At we assume that if you are enough of a man to take a hot load, then you are a big enough boy to deal with a little pain the first time. It is up to you, but we don't want any trimmed twinks at our parties!

The more often you shave, the less pain you will receive. Eventually your skin will toughen up. Until then you are going to have to deal with razor burn, ingrown hair and general irritation. But it will all be worth it when you see your tops hard crank.

While we are generally against Trojans, it might be worth using them once or twice after the first time you shave. Your skin may open up with small cuts if it is still irritated and you don't want to get an infection. Don't worry. Soon you will be back to the beautiful feeling of man to man skin to skin contact!

Nuts And Bolts

We like dick. So, we are going to start off by training you how to shave your cock and balls. Training is fun;just do as we tell you and you will soon be baby smooth and ready to please your man.

Don't jump in with the razor. Even Mach 3's are not meant to chop down a forest. First, take a bared trimmer and get ready to mow the lawn. Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder over the area first. This is one place where you do not want an electric shaver catching some skin.

After you have pulled out the weeds, soak a towel in hot water and press it gently over your landing strip. This will soften the hair and soothes any little aches and pains around your trouser snake.

Take a tiny bit of shaving cream and put in around your package. Not enough to hide your crank - otherwise you may end up shaving off more than your hair and that would not be fair! A moisturizing shaving cream will work best. You are a hard man, but your skin is still sensitive! It's not pussy to try to feel as good as possible!

Don't Use A Virgin Razor!

You want one that has been used before. Your face has very rough skin and needs a new razor to take off the first layer of skin with the hair. You don't have that much skin around your wonder worm and don't want to shave any of it off!

You also want to avoid using a razor that is too old. Otherwise you may get an uneven cut. And there is not point in going through with the pain if you are not going to look good. Style is substance baby!

Take Your Time Motherfucker!

Some things you want to rush. Giving your man a nice quick blowjob can be a good thing. Shaving your pubes on the other hand should be done slowly and carefully. Your manhood is at stake and no one is going to fuck you if you have scars all over your cock!

Make sure that you get rid of all of the hair and rinse your razor frequently. Soon you will be as smooth as a hot stud in a cool club!

Look at your package carefully in a mirror. If you notice any small cuts, you might want to wait a day or two before your next encounter with hot beef. You need to heal!

Now, rub a little moisturizer into your area. Don't jerk off, you naughty boy. We know you want to, but waiting can be fun too and will help prevent infection! Do not use aftershave or anything that contains alcohol. You do not know pain until you have felt alcohol it small cracks near your crack!

A Man's Job: Time To Do Your Ass!

A man admits when he needs help. We all like to go it alone, but sometimes we need a little help. This is very true when it comes to shaving your ass. You can go it alone, but you might end up seriously hurting yourself. Guess what stud, if you cut up your ass you won't be getting any kind of dick for a long time to come!

Your top may get ready to bust a nut at just the thought of shaving your Hershey highway before giving you the bums rush. Still, if you feel the need to take care of this yourself we have all the tips and tricks you could ever need!

This Is Going To Take A Long Time Stud!

Get a large hand mirror. Otherwise you will literally be operating blind. If you have a really hairy ass you will also need a bared trimmer. If you are unsure if you have swamp grass growing back there, ask your top.

You will literally be working backwards, and apt to slip at first so make sure you have a lot of room to move around and a lot of time to practice!

Now, bend over and be careful. Use one hand to spread your cheeks wide and use the other cut down the trees around your rosebud.

Blades are sharp, so don't rush things! This is not a job to do if you suddenly get drunken inspiration or a have a date coming over in an hour!

Soon there will just be stubble left. So, work from the inside out, shaving as much as you feel comfortable with. This is a matter of both personal taste and how much discomfort you will accept in the name of looking clean!

When you have finished your first pass at your golden passage, place a hot towel over your bum to soothe it. Leave it in place for a few minutes and then get to work with the shaving cream. Resist the temptation to start playing with your man pussy. Let your man do that later!

Spread your legs out as far as possible while lying on your back. Hold the mirror above your head and you will get a proctologist's eyed view of your dirty cavity. You will be working backwards. Very slowly and gently shave strips back and forth.

Soon your bottom will be as smooth as a baby's bottom!
No Pain, No Gain!

If you want that smooth feeling that only shaving your cock and balls can provide, you are going to have to put up with some discomfort once in a while. No pain, no gain bitch! Shaven and craven he'll be begging for your dark haven!

The bad news is, no nookie for you until you have smooth cookies. If you have nicks or abrasions around your ass do not let anyone butt fuck you. If your dick, balls or pubes are all cut up, don't fuck anyone else. Your chances of STDs or other infections will be huge.It is not worth getting sick. Just wait until you heal up stud!

Ingrown hairs also suck. The hair pokes under the skin and you get an abrasion that looks like an acne bump. This is going to get gross, boy, just deal with it. You need to take tweezers and pull the little fucker out. Unfortunately this is only the first step. You will now be stuck with a blister. You have to squeeze it until the pus comes out and wash thoroughly. Now, here is the hard part. Don't have sex until it heals. That will probably take two to three days. Be careful!





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