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The MaleNation team wants to welcome you to our website. Whether you are a pig, twink, bear or just a plain old cockaholic, you are welcome here. MaleNation is run by a team of gay writers, designers and programmers from around the world. We are based in France and Brazil.

Whether you want to take it like a man or top like a dragon, you have found your home. is a non-judgmental place for every man who thinks condoms are for pussies. You can bring up any topic you'd like in our forums and find like-minded dirty boys to talk with. Nothing is off limits, and you can easily meet man meat on MaleNation and search for exactly the type of cock or ass you are looking for.

There are only two rules on - be polite to the people you interact with, and leave your rubbers at home. This is a gay community designed by the gay community, and we want to be free from all forms on intolerance. It doesn't matter if you are thin or fat, smooth or hairy, tall or short; you'll find people like you here.

We are 100 percent gay owned and operated! We all MaleNation and love MaleNation sex. If you are looking for condom action, go to another site.

So, welcome to the party. It's time to get down, go down and get ready to live life in the raw! No glove - just love!

Thank you,

The team.


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